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Carok and celurit like two sides of a coin. Each other can not be separated. This appears in the Madurese people since the Dutch colonial era 18th century AD Carok a knight in the fight for the symbol of self-esteem (honorary).

AT times Cakraningrat, Joko Tole and Panembahan Semolo in Madura, did not know the culture. Existing culture at that time was to kill people in a knight with a sword, or keris. Celurit weapons began to emerge in the days of Mr. Sakera legend. Foreman of sugarcane from this Pasuruan almost never leave celurit each went into the garden to watch the workers. Sakera Celurit for a symbol of resistance commoners. So what to do with carok? Carok in the ancient Kawi language it means a fight. Usually involves two people or two large families. Even antarpenduduk a village in Jakarta, Sampang, and Pamekasan.
Triggers of this form of struggle carok position on the court, infidelity, seizure of land, can also be hereditary grudge for years tahun.Pada the 12th century AD, Madura kingdom era when King led Cakraningrat and 14 centuries under the rule of Joko Tole, the term carok not yet known. Even during the reign of Penembahan Semolo, son of Saud's son Bindara Sunan Kudus in the 17th century AD no carok.Munculnya term culture on the island of Madura carok begins in Dutch colonial times, namely in the 18th century AD After Mr. Sakerah captured and hanged in Pasuruan, East Java, the people began to dare to fight the oppressors. The weapon is celurit. That's when courage comes to perlawanan.Namun, at that time they did not realize, when instigated by the Dutch. They competed with the family group Blater (hero) who became the Dutch accomplice, who was also a fellow of the nation. Because of that Dutch provocation, blater groups often do carok at that time. By the time they carok not use swords or keris is a weapon, as was done anciently Madurese community, but to use as a weapon celurit this andalannya.Senjata celurit deliberately given to the Netherlands with the aim blater damaged the image of Mr. Sakera as the legitimate owner of these weapons. Because he was a rebel from the students and a devout Muslim who runs the Islamic religion. 
Sakera Celurit used as a symbol of resistance against colonial rabble Netherlands. As for the Netherlands, celurit symbolized as a weapon of the hero and the Netherlands are apparently penjahat.Upaya successfully penetrated some of the Madurese and the philosophy of life. That if there are problems, infidelity, seizure of land, and so always use the road carok policy. The reason is for self respect. Term, than the whites of the eyes better bone white. This means that rather die than endure berkalang land malu.Tidak wonder if there's infidelity issues and the conquest of the land on Madura as well as the descendants of Javanese and Madurese in Kalimantan are always solved by individuals or carok road en masse. Weapons used always celurit. Similarly, during a criminal action, also uses such celurit.Kondisi finally, the community of Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Irian Jaya, Sulawesi, Madura tasted like carok people, rude, self-whiz, loud, like a divorce, did not know his manners, and if you kill someone using celurit. And actually not all demikian.Masyarakat Madurese Madurese community who have subtle attitudes, manners, said gently, not like a divorce, does not like to argue, without using weapons celurit, and so is the community of students. 
They are descendants of those ancient Belanda.Setelah aimed against invaders many years the Dutch left the island of Madura, carok culture and use to finish off his opponent celurit still there, whether it is in Jakarta, Sampang, and Pamekasan. They think the culture of his ancestors created, not realizing when the Dutch colonizers engineered.

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